Monday, March 25, 2013


So I sent a picture to Mom and Dad from Sister Archer's computer, it's of the road conditions, I've never been so scared in my entire life. HAHAHA. So, Alaska is all, "PSYCH! Winter is still here." Mom sent me the Barson family letter and everyone is complaining about the snow and grey cold winter and how they just got more snow to cover up all the grey stuff and I'm like nodding my head, "Yeah, yeah, I feel ya" and then it crossed my mind that 18 months ago I would have had no way to relate. California doesn't quite get this weather. My pet peeve is when ice builds up on your windshield wipers---AS you're driving --- AFTER you already picked it all off --- and now all of a sudden you can't see cuz there's a wet streak across the windshield that ain't getting wiped away and you're freaking out cuz you can only faintly see the car in front of you and then WHOOPS there's a giant snow plow that's casting snow twenty feet into the air and the cloud of snow flows through the air everywhere----in TWO SECONDS EVERYTHING disappears, and who knows if you're driving in a straight line? Then a pick-up truck is on the left of you, one of those trucks with the plow attached to the front, and you had no idea there was a lane there, you thought YOU were in the fast line. Yeah, that's what it was like driving to Anchorage today. You think President Beesley would text everybody and tell us to stay home!

Anyway. So we picked up a new investigator, the awesome black lady, I'd tell you her name but I try not to tell their names, but let me just tell you it's AWESOME, I will call her the World Traveler, cuz she has traveled the world, she says the map is getting smaller, and she grew up in Mississippi and had NO IDEA three years ago she'd EVER go to Alaska, but Alaska is one of the few places she's never been. She was in the Air Force at one point. Has 3 children. Her job is in the education department on base. She showed up at church cuz she works on base with a member who found out the World Traveler was going to all sorts of churches. So the member called her sister, who goes to OUR ward, and the World Traveler showed up at church last Sunday. We had a lesson with her on Friday at the house of the sister. It was a very interesting lesson because the members we had there lived at the house we were having the lesson at so we couldn't necessarily avoid them but BOY do they have a lot to say, about ALL SORTS OF STUFF....but the World Traveler can follow the conversation ,and she doesn't let a lotta things go over her head, or overwhelm her, so in a weird way it totally works for her. She came to church again yesterday and is just the sweetest loving person everywhere. She calls everyone "Miss" before she says the name. I love it. She has barely heard of anything about our church! Not joseph smith, nothing! I hardly believe her but maybe she has spent too much time in Europe and places and isn't around all the media or whatever that throws misinformation about our church all around the place. Her only question was about the difference between a church and a temple.

UNFORTUNATELY she lives in Anchorage and can't stay our investigator forever but soon we'll find out who her real missionaries are and we'll have a lesson with the 4 of us and her.

Not much else has happened, we had transfer meeting on Tuesday, lots of awesome missionaries went home and I shall miss them very much.

We had another lesson with the Computer Guy and his wife, the Red Robin Manager...she's great. She's funny, two lessons ago she said she doesn't pray that often, mostly when she needs something. Her husband suggested she could always pray for the things she is grateful for. She looked down for a second, then said, "Thank you for this table." And we all cracked up. Well she finally prayed Wednesday night and it was such a nice prayer. She works every Sunday to babysit another manager there cuz he does things in interesting ways and so we were hoping at least the Computer Guy would actually come to church with the kids but he didn't. is very very hard to come back to church after a long time.

The Counselor is doing good, she is planning on starting to go to Temple Prep next Sunday.

Mrs. Blind is doing good, pluggin away, battling frustration and discouragement and taking it one day at a time.

I love you all---Sister Archer was sick yesterday so I spent 5 hours at my desk studying the last week of the Savior's life (working from the Harmony of the Gospels) and reading in my old study journals. Something I was taught once in a district meeting---when we contact people, teach them, tract into them--it's not about our message, it's about the Atonement. We all need it. They do too.

I love you

Sister Ashbrook

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