Monday, March 18, 2013


Hi so this week was fun, but crazy. Tuesday we had language training in Anchorage, where all the language missionaries get together to have study, and since I'm semi-fluent in Spanish I go, and Sister Archer is now learning Spanish while she's there. The Tongans and Samoans have been planning missionary firesides so they do that while they are there. We visited the Woman Who Woke up Blind or Mrs. Blind or whatever I call her, she's doing good, sitting up in her chair and stuff. She needs someone there to take care of her especially now her disabled bro flew back down to California, and her hubby is going outta town in a few weeks. Well, the Counselor, a semi-recent convert, has started taking care of her everyday from 9-1:30 pm which is AWESOME cuz she needs a lil bit of income especially now she and her husband are really actually gonna go through a divorce and her life is falling apart.

On Wednesday we had ZLC (zone leader counsel + sister trainers per the mish pres handbook) and I got there early cuz Sister Beesley told me to so I can help plan/practice for the Samoan fireside this Sunday, well when Sis Archer and I got there no one was there excpet for the housekeeper, the Beesleys were still driving back from Soldotna and I called Elder Knudsen and he had no idea we were supposed to practice and he was all, "Well, you're welcome to come to the family history center right now, my district is going" and I was like, "I think I'm gonna write a song." So I did, for zone conference that Friday. Our new training plan is Peace, Be Sill with John 14:27 (which has been one of my most fave scriptrues since high school) as THE scripture for it, so I wrote a song incorporating that.

Today, before we came to do emails, we drove to the mish home cuz SIster Beesley wanted to record it for the next mission CD. I love SIster beesley. I was singing something trying to try somethign out and she just started LAUGHING and then apologized profusely and said, "I'm sorry, it just sounded so FRANTIC..." and I said, 'Don't worry, SIster Beesley, my self-esteem is not linked to the way I sing," and she said, "Oh good, why don't you run through your song a few times and get all comfortable and try to find something that you like" HAHAHAHAH. I love her. I really do!

After ZLC that night we had dinner with the Computer Guy and his wife!!! And their two lil kids!!! The Computer Guy's wife is a manager at red robin. So, Red Robin Woman is awesome, she made the most AMAZING clam chowder I have ever had in my whole life. It involves whipping cream...and dill...and thyme. She's awesome. We asked her what her expectations are for meeting with missionaries and she said, "Just that I don't  think you're a cult." HAHAH we laughed so hard. We started teaching, I did most of the talking cuz we hadn't role played the lesson, (that's my fault) and Sister Archer would like say one sentence and then look back at me, and I was like, oh goodness, why isn't she talking. Don't worry, we will try and role play the lessson before hand from now on. At ZLC pres called them simulations. Anyway, Red Robin Woman is great BUT they didn't come to church on Sunday and I am so sad!!

Zone conference was fun, but long....

Samoan fireside was awesome. I wish I had Miriam with me! Ruth and Chuck, I am learning so much about the Samoan culture!

I love you all. Break-up season I think is here, everything is starting to melt, it's just taking a while cuz it freezes over night then warms up during the day.

LOOOOVE, Sister Ashbrook

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