Monday, April 1, 2013


So, sometimes I have no idea what to write. Sometimes I just think, I wonder how much has changed at home. People are pregnant and having babies and Aunt Ruth has a new dog and I don't even know what kind of dog it is and APPARENTLY Jake Jake the Pillow Snake is over 6 feet tall. Sometimes I wonder how much you guys will think I have changed, if I have changed at all. Sometimes I think, I CANNOT go home to California in June, I WILL DIE OF OVER-SWEATING cuz it will be SO INCREDIBLY HOT. It has been warming up, maybe break-up season is finally upon us, and it was like, 45 degrees yesterday and it was SO HOT. Rolled the windows down in the car. Didn't wear snow boots, wore my flats and danced around all the puddles so I wouldn't soak my feet. Oh man, the puddles. If this computer had an SD drive I'd email the picture of the fun puddle I took yesterday, it was huge.

So we found out where in Anchorage the World Traveler (our new investigator) lives, she lives in the Russian Jack Ward.

So since I'm a training sister I go to ZLC which happens once a month. ZLC is Zone Leader Council, and um, all the zone leaders go. This month it's an overnight ZLC and Sister Archer and I will be sleeping with the Inlet View Ward sisters at their apartment (which is in North Anchorage). Sister Archer will be on exchanges with Sister Hatfield's companion while I am in ZLC with Sister Hatfield and the other training sisters. And a bunch of zone leaders. SO, while Sister Archer is out doing missionary work in Anchorage, she will stop by the home of the Word Traveler and teach her there! And she'll actually be able to TEACH her a full lesson cuz insanely talkative members won't be there!! (I just say that cuz her CURRENT fellowshippers tend to talk more than we do, don't yield to us when we're talking, interrupt us, and  try and teach the whole lesson, it's great.)

Hey I don't have time to write much else but know I that I love you guys lots and lots. I had a lovely Easter yesterday, I'll send you pictures soon. A hilarious family fed us a HUGE amazing Easter creative dinner and there were two other hilarious young couples, The bishop and his fam gave us two huge carrot cake cupcakes and The Stellar Mom (recent convert, whose kids came to CHURCH on Sunday yay) gave us cupcakes, and we need to get rid of all our treats.

I loved my easter package, I think I'm gonna put all the yellow grass paper it came with in Sister Archer's purse.


Sister Ashbrook

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  1. Everyone here at Danman's Music School misses you and hopes you come back to California!