Monday, October 29, 2012

i swear i'm in a good mood

Hi I don't have much time. Sorry. This week has been a whole lot of service and stuff. Hahah.

branch pres grinding moose meat
me and new comp on a dock thing off Nordic Drive, a lil boy from a member's family took the pic, we were about to go eat dinner with them
 same dock, facing different direction so the sun's behind us

beautifiul petersburg

I was gonna send more but her camera died (my camera has dead batteries and the small memory card that came with it is full...i needa buy a new camera, or get a nikon memory card, i'd rather have a new camera, newer with a bigger screen on the back, still feel bad i broke the camera the budingers gave me...) card guy moved to ketchikan for work...

our members went outta town and we babysat their dog Yukon...he's a yellow lab and he's hilarious

we sang a lot

we had stake conference

we had an earthquake which we didn't feel (i rarely feel earthquakes) but there was a tsunami warning for neighboring islands...

we taught the feisty old lady who's been taught for 2 years, she is stubborn and doesn't wanna change

the puerto ricans did NOT come to stake conference, don't know how to motivate mommy puerto rico now

does anyone have any ideas for object lessons? i have used the pepper in water and dish soap one, I have used the bleach and food coloring one, i even know a scarf/yarn thing you use for prayer (can't tie a know without lifting your fingers off unless you fold your arms first...hard to explain)

happy birthday jess soon, right?

we taught la mujer de caliso, our brnach mission leader bought her el libro de mormon on cd

sorry that i have not capitalized anything, i don't feel like it, i swear i'm in a good mood but when I have no time to write an email i have no imagination or motivation to capitalize

must go love you bye church is true

love sister ashbrook

ps. mom i got a phone call from the missio nsecretary who said you called and said your surgery went well and it made me get teary-eyed and then SISTER HATFIELD got teary-eyed and it was lovely thank you so much. thank you for always being there, for the times you have loved me and not even said words, just rubbed my back and loved me. i love you so very much

Monday, October 22, 2012


So the weather has been changing. Even all the mountains recently got snowed on. The close-by mountains, I mean. It looked like someone tipped em upside down and dipped em in powdered sugar. BUT, for the last 3 days or so we have had CLEAR BLUE SKIES and it has been WONDERFUL, seeing as how the first 8 days of the transfer was straight pouring rain. So, the snow on the mountains has pretty much melted away except for the mountains on the mainland which you can see across the water (the Frederick Sound I believe), and IF there had been any rain, it probably would have snowed during the night, as it has dropped below freezing every night. One night at about 7pm it was 28 degrees. Pretty exciting for us to bust out our wool socks again and start thinking about which SCARF to wear. Except when we wanted to be early somewhere but had to scrape a centimeter of frost off our car one morning and ended up NOT being early but right on TIME, my heck.

Well so life has been lovely, we didn't pack any more moose meat or anything, but one night we came home (we take the small door that goes to the garage, there is a set of stairs going up to our apartment, and halfway up the stairs is a door that goes to the main house) and there were like, four dead ducks stacked on the stairs again. Hahah. SOMEONE'S been hunting.

I have a hard time writing emails sometimes. I look back over my week, in my missionary planner, and I think, what even happened? Oh yeah we taught that person. What did we even teach them about? And so in my head I have to, like, replant myself in that day and try and remember the details.

Every day is so different in Petersburg. It's kinda unique for this area. I love this town. The people here are just wonderful. I don't even know how to explain it. Like when we see the native man, he's seriously like Native American like Navajo I swear, he wears a cowboy hat and has loooooong dark hair and sometimes wears BRIGHT NEON GREEN pants, and he looks like he could snap somebody's neck, and he's out walkin his two pomeranion doggies. Puff balls. And we love the hospital, we go there like every day to see the Tiny Lil Thing, and stop by another lady who's recovering from a heart ache, and sing her a song. Sister Hatfield has an AMAZING voice, and we love harmonizing together.

I have grown to love the elderly, and have started thinking about how I can continue to visit them after my mission. As a missionary, wearing the name tag, we have an excuse to be coming to visit. And in petersburg, we can wander around the Long Term Care in the hospital and greet the old people and not get a second glance, all the nurses know us and greet us warmly. I am not sure we can wander around hospitals like that in the Lower 48 (the rest of America). I am thinking though that if I volunteer playing piano at old folks' homes I can get to know some of the residents and then start paying them visits. They just need visits!!!! These sweet old widows need love, and acceptance! Elderly people are just normal people, frustrated with how their bodies are failing and how they lose control when they move into places like these, and they long for and miss their family, and they miss their homes and their freedom, and how they could walk about and get fresh air when they please, and cook for themselves, and they had bigger wardrobes, and could read their books easier a few years ago, and now reading takes forever if their eyes are going bad, or maybe their hearing is going bad. I just love all of them.


Sister Hatfield is awesome, she listens to the Spirit and acts on promptings. Because of her acting, she shared a certain scripture after dinner with a family in the branch which prompted one of the members of that family to tell us about someone who needs the gospel, and we got a name and an address (that's called a referral). And, we'd been PRAYING for a referral for a week and a half. So, that was cool. We're gonna go contact the referral tonight before dinner.

Oh my heck, the primary program was yesterday. I LOVE OUR PRIMARY. (Primary is the kids' organization in the church for all the lil tykes, 3 to 11 years old). So, once a year instead of a normal worship service the kids do their songs and recite things for us, and it is HILARIOUS. And, Puerto Rican Daughter, age 11, and a member of a family we're teaching the gospel to, gave TWO short lil talks AND sang "I am Child of God" with another lil girl in the branch, and Puerto Rican Daughter even sang a verse all by herself. It was awesome. I really really really really wanna see that family get baptized. Puerto Rican Mommy said, sincerely, after we all bore sweet testimony to her about how reading the Book of Mormon will help her in her work and help her daughter with her homework, "I know." She nodded, looking down and seeming to be finally resolved. "I need to find a time."

I love this branch so much, the members who come with us to lessons LOVE doing missionary work. It's not something they do to do US a favor. They come and share experiences and help teach as if knowing they NEED to do this, earnestly trying to help these people that we teach to understand the gospel for themselves, understand prayer, understand their God.

Petersburg is different than other areas. Sister Hatfield came from the singles branch up in Fairbanks. She had 3 baptisms during those 3 months, the first 3 months of her mission. She once taught 12 lessons in a single day, 37 lessons in a single week. So it was quite an adjustment to come to Petersburg. We're out in the bush, on an island, in a town with less people in it than was in my whole high school. We got about twelve lessons last week---we could have done more, I always need to improve. Petersburg is all about plantin seeds, just letting the community know that LDS missionaries do not have devil horns coming out of their foreheads. We do a lot of service, we visit about five old ladies every week, one of which is actually a member of our church, the others just like us. We visit several people who like to talk religion with us and share ideas, and appreciate that we are young people who do not drink or are glued to our cell phones but that we can actually have an intelligent conversation about God and who we are as children of God. We hope and pray that they will let us teach them, these sweet people. I'm telling you, several people have told us, they are not interested in taking lessons, but invite us to please come back, and we can have tea. I love tea. Herbal tea. I've had about three mugs of herbal tea at different people's houses this week. THESE PEOPLE ARE AMAZING. Presbyterian, Lutheran, or the Bible Church. Whatever. They understand the gospel, they love their Savior, they recognize a need for people with good values to unite regardless of religion or culture. The WORLD out there is crazy and full of distractions and confusion and empty promises, a lot of things to grant people immediate entertainment and quick-lived happiness that fades and leaves them empty and wanting more. But there is something that is constant, there is peace that never dies. If people believe in science and not in God, it's totally fine. Scientists understand experiments. What's cool about God is that you can experiment on him. You can pray and test it, sincerely wanting to know if God is there. And if you are sincere, "if can no more than desire to believe," your faith will grow. That's what the Book of Mormon teaches. Chapter 32 of Alma, actually.

Anyway, the Presbyterians that we visit told us last night that what we really need now is another Reformation, looks like. "Christianity has changed a lot," they said. "Some has changed from even what Jesus Christ himself taught."

Well, we don't need another Reformation, we need a Restoration, and so we wanna sneakily teach them that the Restoration actually happened, it is NOT an amazing rare occurrence that God leads and guides his church from a removed position, in heaven. We are gonna like, ask them if we can "practice" teaching them or something awesome like that. They are so ready but just don't know it yet.

Well, I love this gospel. I am happy to be a Mormon. And I love my family, and hope all is well. UM ANNE DID YOU EVER GET MY BIRTHDAY PACKAGE TO YOU?!

Sister Ashbrook and the sea lions

Monday, October 15, 2012

New Companion!

Oh my heck well life sounds exciting. Mom, you're getting all educated and pampered and loved (as you should) and Annalisa's gettin all sealed to her family (as SHE should). I can't wait to see pictures. I can't wait to see pictures of Northrups, of Danny's wedding, and of Candace's wedding!

Well I am back in Petersburg with my new companion, Sister Stephanie Hatfield. Hahha. So she grew up in Gilbert, AZ but moved out and went to live with her dad in Draper, UT about 4 years ago and her heart is in Utah, and she knows Christa Woodall and Christina Davis too, we figured out, and were screaming about it this morning (we already knew we both knew Christa but finding out we both knew Christina was like double cool---Christina, Sis Hatfield thinks you are the most hilarious person ever).

It's really funny cuz Sis Beesley tends to be slightly scatter-brained and told me on the phone she was gonna tell me about my new companion and told me all about this girl who was getting transferred from Florida cuz it was too hot and she had once gone to Angoon (Native village in Alaska) with her mom and she was adopted by Tlingits (pronounced Klinkets). So I told everyone I was getting this sister as a new companion and a day before we left for Anchorage Sister beesley was going over logistics with me and said, "And you'll go back to Petersburg with Sis Hatfield..."
And i said, "She's coming too?"
And Sis Beesley said, "No, she's your companion, she's always been your companion."
And I thought for a moment and then said, "Okay!" Hahhahaha.

Turns out this new sister getting transferred in was actually serving her mission in South Carolina and she went to Anchorage instead...Pres Beesley heard how I had been mixed up and he was like, "Sister Ashbrook, we don't send missionaries with medical problems to Petersburg." I'm on an island...

ANYWAY, it's been a fun week, Sis Hatfield is way funny. She cracks me up. She has a quick tongue and a sense of humor, has enjoyed telling people, "My name is Sister Hatfield and I'm not adopted by Tlingits."

We did service for a race last Saturday morning. It was called "beat the odds" and was in honor of breast cancer (since it's October). I thought a lot about you, Mom! Sometimes I am like, "Oh my gosh. I can't believe my mom has breast cancer. They are supposed to be getting blessed because I'm on my mission." And then I tell myself to stop worrying about it cuz you got that priesthood blessing that said you'd overcome it and remain with your family and YOU are calm about all this and I shouldn't worry if YOU'RE not worrying and you ARE blessed. Anyway, I just love you, and I hope your lumpectomy goes by without problems.

We had a lesson with the Puerto Rican family, minus the dad who was at work. We helped Puerto Rican daughter with her two less-than-a-minute talks that she has to prepare for the primary program (every kid has two talks..non-members like Joelys don't get special treatment!! haha) and then we read 2 Nephi 31 with everybody and invited them all to be baptized, but Puerto Rican Mommy wants to get to know the church a little more, but it was okay, it was still awesome. Baptismal invites always get me so nervous but the spirit was strong. I really think she just needs a really good friend at church. Our relief society pres would be PERFECT for her but she is out of town (at her husband's business Anaheim...they're gonna go to DISNEYLAND so jealous). THe problem with having a small branch is that people have normal lives and go out of town like normal people but then we really feel their absence and I am like, "What the heck."

We helped our branch president and his wife (we live in the apartment above their garage) pack moose meat last Friday. They were grinding it this year (the branch pres goes moose huntin every year) and so we were mashing up the ground moose meat into oblong shapes and the branch pres's wife was wrapping it up in plastic wrap. The branch president took a picture of it and texted it to Anne (she's the only one whose phone number I remember, so she has gotten mysterious texts from members before...).

While packin moose meat, the branch president's wife told me there was a porcupine destroying her raspberries out back. And that if it came back, her husband is gonna kill it.

Well, that night we were planning for the next day and suddenly heard a gunshot. We both looked up and said in unison, "Porcupine." We ran over to the window and opened it.

"Did you get it?" we hissed.

We heard a voice from below saying hesitantly "Yeah....?"

We ran outta our apartment and jostled down the stairs and into their house and out to their back porch as another gunshot was fired. The wife was standing on the porch with her hands over her ears and a horrified look on her face.

"Is it dead?" she asked.

Her husband, who was standing out back with a flashlight that wasn't being held still so we could NOT see the porcupine, said, "No! I can't believe it's not dead." He came up the steps and walked inside and put his gun on the counter but then he walked back outside while Sis Hatfield and me stood there horrified and totally transfixed and I don't remember what I was saying but I was saying something while the branch pres went to the shed and grabbed something and Sis Hatfield suddenly was going into the house and I looked out and saw him raising a huge ax above his head, his faithful lab standing completely attentive by his side, and I saw the ax swinging down through the air and landing with a thump, and I shrieked with my hand over my mouth. And he did it again. And I saw was HORRIFIED!

And that, my friends, is Alaska.

We're gonna go out there today and pluck a couple of porcupine quills.

Um, so anyway, I know the church is true, and by that I mean that we have inspired men who have been called by God to lead and guide the church today, and who hold the authority of God. I know that the gospel has been restored and that the Book of Mormon helps us know the truthfulness of the Bible, and that there were plain and precious truths taken out of the Bible throughout the centuries that cause us to misunderstood doctrine and be confused.

I know that music brings the Spirit---Sis Hatfield has a beautiful singing voice. We are thinking about putting on a big fireside for the town, with music. How cool would that be? We love singing together already. I love singing for spiritual thoughts.

I love my family and hope all is well.

Sister Ashbrook and the porcupine (RIP)

Sister Ashbrook, Sister Petersen, Sister Claspell

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tasty Moose Murder

Someone from Alaska texted me this picture. They said its her, her comp and Sister Marsh.

I asked if they were wrapping meat or something and the reply was "yep tasty tasty moose murder."



Monday, October 8, 2012


So hello!

i'm in Anchorage cuz Sister Pete-pete is getting transferred! Everyone comes together for transfers who is getting transferred, we meet our new comps, those who are going home or who are going back out to the bush (the distant places in Alaska) go to the temple. Sister Pete is getting transferred to MY last area and is gonna serve in Colony ward with a sister who just got done training. WOO.

I am staying in Petersburg for at least one more transfer, Sister Hatfield is gonna be my new companion, she just got done getting trained up in Fairbanks and she is escaping the coldest part of Alaska just in time for winter and coming to the southeast where it hardly gets cold at all, it gets down to about 10 degrees I've heard. Not that bad, I was used to negative degrees almost all throughout January up where Sis Pete is going.

I can't write too long cuz everything is crazy, but funny story, haha, we were gonna fly out Saturday and come up to Anchorage early, we were so excited, though Sis Pete is very sad to leave our lil island. We watched the first session of general conference---so cool they lowered the ages! Pres Beesley says we won't see too much change with the elders but we will see a LOT more sisters---and then went to the lil airport to check our bags. BUT, it was foggy,they told us it would be an hour delay cuz the plane is still in Wrangell wondering if it should take off or not. Wrangell is a town on a nearby island, we have got elders there. So we went to the hospital to see if the lil ol Tiny Thing, the elderly lady we visit who is a member, wanted to watch Conference, but she'd been given some sleepy meds and wasn't up to it. Back to the airport, just in time to hear our flight get cancelled. My heck, what do we do now? It WAS very foggy, we had to admit. Looking out across the water you couldn't even see the other side. I wouldn't want a plane to try and land here either.

We called Pres Beesley and told him the two options---we could fly to Seatlle, cuz the afternoon plane goes south, and fly to Anchorage tonight (it's a goal of like every south-east Alaska missionary to end up going to Seattle and outta the mision boundaries hahah) or we could fly to Anchorage Sunday morning. He was like, "Go tomorrow." SIGH.

So we had to bring our minds, which had already flown to Anchorage themselves, back to Petersburg and work the rest of the day---hhha it was lovely though, Sis Pete got to say goodbye to a few more people, we met with Puerto Rican mommy, oh my heck she is so ready for the gospel. She struggles with her ADHD 12-year-old son. She struggles with her husband working so much and wondering if she even knows him anymore, he sometimes feels like he doesn't even belong at home. I LOVE this family, and want them to be oh so happy and I know that the gospel can strengthen them.

General conference was so good. One of the tech elders (AKA Sister Beesley's computer slaves) said basically General Conf was about getting rid of distractions and increasing discipleship.

Sunday morning---sooo foggy. We watched the first sesh of general conf praying in our minds that the fog would clear up, halfway through I realized I needed to stop praying for what I wanted and take the advice i ;was being given and pray 'Thy will be done, O Lord."

We got outta conf and went to the airport--airplane was delayed, wasn't even gonna land in Wrangell, but was coming to Petersburg. We successfully boarded and went to Juneau--the plane always stops there before proceeding onward. And were told there had been a computer glitch and we needed to get off the plane with our boarding passes and reboard.

Oh my heck, "You woulda thought they were asking everybody to break their own legs," Sister Pete said to me. People groaned and yelled and acted like a whole bunch of three-year-olds.There were a few other members on the plane, and it struck me how quickly we accepted the orders and submitted, unlike some of the others, not everybody threw a fit but plenty of people (once we got BACK on the plane an HOUR LATER) asked for liquor instead of ginger ale---they'd just been through a traumatic event, apparently.

While we waited in the airport terminal (turns out the computer erased the names of everybody who hadn't boarded in Juneau) the members on the flight pulled up conference on their iphone and we huddled around and listened to Elder Bednar talk about conversion and testimony. While we sat there peacefully, one man cupped his hands over his mouth and shouted, "WHAT'S THE HOLD UP?" and complained loudly of how unfair it was to wait so long.

When things we don't want or expect happen in our life, what is our first reaction? Anger, frustration, lashing out? Or do we turn to the words and teachings of the holy prophets?

A lovely lesson in the airport.

I know this gospel has been restored, that it is Christ's gospel, and I know it is led by men who were called of God and given authority. I love being a missionary. I love my family. Don't worry Mom I will try not to worry about your new medical issues. And everyone else in the family who is struggling. I will pray for you and love you.

Sister Ashbrook

Monday, October 1, 2012

butternut squash soup

SO, I am glad you are doing okay, Mom. Sister Pete's mother had breast cancer during Sister Pete's teenage years and it got bad at one point and so when I told her it's a malignant cyst thingy but doesn't seem to be cancer (right??) she could appreciate the situation. I am glad your blessing was very comforting.
I sent Anne a birthday package to the house. I hope she gets it soon, if not already. (I did and I loved it!! -Aine )
We had a good week, we met with La Mujer de Calisco, Mexico, the great-grandmother who speaks no English and reads no Spanish, twice. The first time we taught the Restoration, starting with prophets and going up until Joseph Smith receiving the first vision, stopping there cuz we wanna show her "The Restoration" 20-min video in SPANISH yay. By "we taught" I mean I read mostly from the Spanish pamphlet and the young member we brought with us and my companion put in a coupla of tidbits here and there which I attempted to translate. She is a very sweet, loving woman, hugging her goodbye she caught my hands and peered into my hands and asked me what my name was. I realized my name tag was hiding beneath my coat and pulled it out but then I remembered she doesn't read, so I said, "Hermana Ashbrook." She tried to say my name but it was difficult. I introduced Sister Pete as "Hermana Petersen" and said she can call us hermana and hermana. HA.
The next day we went back with our ward mission leader and we are so grateful for him. We could NOT figure out the TV for the life of us, so he went back home to grab his laptop so we can watch the DVD on it, and we chatted with La Mujer in her kitchen, admiring the huge bottle of Tapatio on the kitchen table (hot sauce). I LOVE TAPATIO. We watched the video, en espanol, and afterwards, La Mujer had this wondering look on her face. We felt the Spirit so strong. She asked a question, something about baptism. Towards the end of the vid we see Joseph Smith's father getting baptized so maybe it was something like that. Man I wish I coulda understood her! Hahah. That stinkin gift of tongues hasn't quite hit me yet. Not knowin what to say I taught that the authority to baptize had come to Joseph Smith from Peter, James, and John, three of the original apostles, who came down from heaven and gave him the authority. She nodded and said "Oh" as if I'd answered her question.
Even though it's Pday we're gonna go over there again at 3 because there is a Spanish-speakin member in our branch but his only day off is today. I want him to ask her what the question was she asked after the video! We'll get to the bottom of this. She lives in one of the trailer courts in Petersburg, and our member works at the police station, and he said his presence nor his vehicle is liked in that trailer court, but he said he'll come.
Adam, we had dinner with them last night and he told us a hilarious story of a tall, gruff, super intimidating police officer who worked a day shift after a long time of working night shifts....and he pulled a man over and the man in his car just could not keep back his laughter. The police officer barked, "What are you laughing at?" and the man said, "What's with the flashlight?" The police officer glowered, realized he was holding his flashlight, and was taken aback. He told the man, "All right, get outta here," and waved him off. HHAHAA. So watch out, Adam. Old habits die hard. BAHAHA.
We have met with Mr. Card Guy like four times. He is doing awesome. Our ward (I guess it's really branch) mission leader said he still doesn't seem to have that burning desire to know, he reads kinda when we ask him to instead of doing it all on his own, but he is still progressing for sure. he is a funny guy, he's super street smart, it's hard to understand his manner of language sometimes, and he talks about things in a super round about way so you gotta sit there patiently until he brings it all together again. And he likes to talk a lot. He had us for THREE hours on Friday. Hahaha. But we've been reading the Book of Mormon with him, and I made him a "dictionary" of terms like "brethren" and "whither" and "murmuring" so he can understand the jargon of the book. He asked us where the Ten Commandments were; if he's gonna get baptized he wants to make sure he can commit to the commandments. We told him, "Well, there are a few more commandments than the ten." He asked, "Like what?" and we briefly taught tithing and the word of wisdom, we'll teach them more in depth later, we'd already been sitting for like 2 hours and I was getting stiff hahaha. Suddenly our branch mission leader showed up (he was supposed to be there two hours ago...we were in the bunkhouse lounge, the room with the computers and the foozball tables that are available for the cannery workers that are housed there, like Card Guy) and so that was awesome, cuz lessons are way better with members of the church present. Crazy that we were still there, we hadn't meant to but that's kinda what happened. He got filled in on what we'd been talking about and they kept talking and so we weren't gonna up and leave at that second...
There was cool moment where, toward the end of the third hour of this lesson, where I was dying to get up and stretch and wondering how long we would be sitting there, that I told myself YOU GOTTA LISTEN, GEE WHIZ HAVE SOME PATIENCE and I tuned in to what the man was saying and at the moment I realized he was talking about the "Footsteps" poem. He got to the point where the man in the poem asks God why there's only one set of footsteps on the sand and God says "it was then that I carried you" and as he spoke, he got teary-eyed and stopped. Wow, I'd never seen emotion from Card Guy, so that was pretty cool. And another cool part is that we asked him if he's ready to watch General Conference next week and he said he would come watch even if he had work, this only happened every six months and he didn't want to miss his chance. YAY AWESOME PEOPLE, these are truly the Lord's elect.
AND, we met with the Puerto Rican family, the daughter had some friends over and the son was playing video games but because of his behavioral situation it's kinda better if he's doing something that distracts him while he listens in the background, he's a multi-tasker for sure. Mama Puerto Rico said she liked the Restoration video (we watched it with them too , last week) and she paused and then said, "I think it's true." WHAT THE HECK, we just stared at her, in my head I was like, "Okay you're getting baptized." But she still hasn't prayed about Joseph Smith and she needs to do that, it's so important to pray. BUT THEN GUESS WHAT, Mama and Daughter and Son Puerto Rico came to CHURCH on Sunday, ALONG with Sweet 15 (she always comes hahaha) and Mr. Card Guy, so we had five investigators at church, and El Colombiano's sister came, and we have a lesson set up with her on Tuesday, and hopefully we'll acutally get to teach her and pick HER up as an investigator, SHE really liked church and loves learning about every religion and wants to know how this church started.
Anyway, Mama Puerto Rico liked church too, it was just a lot, you know, three hours, but she was nodding and so was La Colombiana during Sunday School (we have an awesome teacher that really engages our attention) and agreeing with everything, and our branch is awesome, they greet newcomers with such open arms.
Good times, guys.

Transfer calls are this Saturday, so that's crazy, these past two transfers have felt like just one. I've been out ten months already, can you believe it? That's nuts.
Funny El Colombiano Moment:
He wanted to meet with us on Thursday. "Can we meet at 2?" I asked him on the phone.
"What about one? Or 1:15, 1:30?"
"I'm playing piano at the hospital for the old people at 1."
"Oh, you'll be at the hospital at 1? I'll be there!"
"Haha, are you serious?"
"Yes, see you at 1, bye-bye!!" He hung up.
We got to the hospital, parking along the curb outside the Emergency Room entrance. He was waiting up above, on the other side of the driveway where the ambulence goes. He spread open his arms wide. "Welcome to my hospital!"
We snorted. I started walking up the bit of grass.
"NO!" he cried, pointing furiously at my feet. "Ticket! One dollar! MY hospital!"
BAHAHHA and there you have a bit of the humor of El Colombiano. Love you bye bye!!
Sister Ashbrook

p.s. Mom I'm glad you liked Music and the Waking Word, Sister Pete came up with some of the words, hahaha, the "pick out a pleasant outfit" part (instead of "outlook"). What did you mean, you didn't do the computer? It wasn't a webcast, it's just on polycom (phone), is that what you meant? Juneau zone is doing it again THIS saturday, don't know yet if Petersburg will contribute, the zone leaders will probably text us all Friday night and maybe some of the other companionships will do stuff, but you can definitely listen in. You can listen in every day until Saturday, if you want, and listen to the other zones, when they do the hellos and the goodbyes in all the different languages I try to chime in with Spanish.