Monday, April 22, 2013

Invitations for 'Miracles' Fireside - Tues, 23 Apr

WATCH THIS! Open up the attachment, it has the webcast on it. 6:30 alaska 7:30pm I think California time. IT'S TOMORROW....I'm singin and playin in it.

Hi, All Missionaries...please try to put a pile of invitations  in lobbies at Church buildings & hand deliver to as many other people as possible...see below for invitations...Those close to Mission Office can get them from there...

Missionaries from ANC, ANC N & CHU...please come to Brayton & invite lots of Others...
Missionaries outside of ANC, ANC N, & CHU...please try to set up webcast at local units and invite lots of Others...
See invitation for webcast into...

Mission Office...Hi...Wonder if you might print & cut some of these to keep on front table from now till 'Miracles'?

Big Thanks to All!

Sister Beesley
Alaska Anchorage Mission

Here is the link for you all:

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