Monday, February 25, 2013

Got my Lavender Scarf on that LeAnn Goettel sent me

Hi guys. Thanks for your email Mommy. I love the thought about the mirror.

Hey it's been a good week! Things have been happening. After weekly planning on Friday we resolved to tract a lot more cuz we really gotta find people. We found a potential tracting. Then we went and saw The Counselor, the recent convert, and we were there for THREE hours, she really needed us. ANYWAYS, while the hours slipped by I was thinking in my head we might have to skip dinner and see this certain less active instead. When we got into the car, Sis Archer said "Why don't we get fast food" and I was like, works for me, we were still able to see this less active. I was impressed we both had the same thought, to see this guys, and it was awesome we did. He had been wanting to call us that day but his wife said "No, I don't wanna clean up the house," and then we showed up, and it was like we were an answer to his prayer. Awesome. Especially since it had been three weeks since we'd been able to contact him.

Then we went and dropped by a less active we've never met who let us in without complaint, and we sat down and he asked us "Who sent you?" And we said we're just going through the ward list, we're new and don't know anybody, but don't worry we don't discriminate, we just got off the phone with an active member and we just set up a time to see HER. Hahha. He's a funny guy, I could tell right away he had a sense of humor. Anyway, he's a computer guy so I'll call him the Computer Guy, so. The Computer Guy was very surprised to find out he was even on a ward list. He has a nonmember wife and two adorable children. His family is very active down in Washington. They send him the Friend (the church's magazine for kids). He has an LDS Jesus painting up in the house. We are the first sister missionaries to make contact with him in Eagle River. He had a falling out with a bishop back when he was in his teens and he never went on a mission and moved out early. He still has a quad (the LDS edition of the Bible + Book of Mormon all in one) and proudly looked up an Article of Faith while we were there. His wife said that her family is very oppposed to Mormons, but that she's seen more family values in The Computer Guy's family than in any other. And then the coolest part was when he invited his wife to take the lessons from us, and she said she wouldn't mind getting an "understanding" of what we believe. That was so cool. We were pretty much right at the point where we were gonna miss our curfew so we didn't have time to really teach anything yet but she sounds like a very promising investigator and we hopefully will see them sometime this week. We left with a short thought and a prayer. It was an awesome experience.

Then we got home and the zone leaders called with a referral .Yesterday, we talked to the girl who referred this family to us, and the family sounds golden. But the girl said to wait until this weekend to call the family, till things calm down in the mom's work, so we haven't contacted the referral yet, but it sounds awesome.

There is an older couple in the area who got tracted into about a year ago. They aren't interested at all but Sis Williams and Sis Peterson did service for them, and then they started playing their piano, and since those two, this older couple will love any missionary who plays or sings to come into their home and the missionaries have been able to share a few scriptures and things with them. Unfortunately, Sis Claspell didn't leave their address anywhere and I had no idea where they lived. But ,they came to our Love of God fireside, and loved it. ANYWAYS guess what, on Saturday, Sis Archer and I tracted into them, very unexpectedly, and we were able to play and sing at their piano for them and they love us and said they don't care if we read our scriptures and say our prayers with them. Hahahah. So that was another cool experience tracting.

And then yesterday, we tracted a street where no one was interested and a man even spouted off some anti-Mormon stuff and it had been a long time since someone had done that and I was like, "Holy moley, are you serious....okay think Christlike thoughts" and I was losing my testimony of the Doctrine of Tracting and then we tracted into a less active we didn't know was there, a real nice woman who just moved from Alpenglow ward and hasn't been to church in ages but still pays fast offering and stuff. We were able to share a quick thought and have a prayer and get her number and she hugged us when we left.

Cool things are happening, family. Cool things.

I love you all, and I am very grateful for all you do. I love being a missionary and serving the Lord. I love following the promptings of the Spirit. I love being obedient and seeing that it really does bring blessings. And I love to think about my Savior Jesus Christ. Just like it says in the Sacrament prayer, if we always remember Him we will have His Spirit to be with us.

Sister Ashbrook

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