Monday, February 4, 2013

Sister Chan is leaving! - Pictures!

Hey guys, no time really to write, this week has been good.

We picked up a new investigator, the daughter of a former that the Alpenglow elders tracted into during a district tract. She's 19, she believes in reincarnation and doesn't think of God as a "he", instead she feels she can't label God as anything cuz that might limit him. Our first visit was great, she had so many questions, she didn't object to anything, though she kinda said she wouldn't object to anything that anyone believes in. The second visit though, she hadn't done her homework and she didn't have any questions. We started teaching her the restoration and she got incredibly bored---I recognize glassy eyes and yawns. I think we're gonna abandon that and teach her the plan of salvation. We might do a real brief like 5-min recap of the restoration first though.


We're planning a stake musical fireside for this Sunday, it's taking over our lives and all we want is for it to be over. We're involving the youth and several amazing singers from the Eagle River/Anchorage area, including Norman Thompson who Elder Beirne says is a big deal in Hawaii. LOVE YA GOTTA GO

Sister Ashbrook

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