Monday, December 19, 2011

First Email from Alaska!

Melissa left the MTC today and flew to Alaska; she's staying at the Mission President's home tonight in Anchorage and will be transferred to her trainer tomorrow. Exciting stuff!

Hey i am in Alaska. The end. We got picked up and I went tracting tonight and slipped on the ice. I went tracting with a sister who took me and her comp took Sister Petersen. Haha. It is just as cold as Provo so not horrible. But SOOO icy. We are all chilling at the Beesley house---me and sis pete and 12 elders. We are eating cake and emailing and having lovely conversation, one elder just said, "You slobber, you don't just try to bite people" ....don't ask. Hahaha. Anywaysssss love you. I am still obsessed with chapstick, it is laying on my lap. So I'm gonna sleep here tonight and meet my trainer tomorrow, my p-day should be next Monday. Elder Dastrup just tried to hit the keyboard while I typed but I threw his hand away with the fierceness of a bear.


Sister Ashbrook

She also attached this picture:

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  1. I'm glad the elders are so entertaining--she sounds good.