Thursday, December 8, 2011

Email #1

Sent: Wednesday, December 7, 2011 3:24 PM


So i am sitting here in the laundry room at the MTC typing as fast as I can
cuz there is timer thing up there. Anyway. Currently I am feeling like I
have been here forever.
- It is really cold here
- I wish I had some boots but I let my family ship them to Alaska which is
cool but still my ankles get cold and I am scared it is really gonna snow
- So I wanna buy like those small boots that are called milano on
sorel.combut I am trying to restrain myself

My companion's name is Sister Peterson and she is from springville, utah.
Everyone is from utah. Their families dropped them off at the MTC. haha
sigh. It's lovely but I am a little glad I didn't have to go through that
emotional separation right before I marched into the MTC and was taken to
my classroom.

My district is 6-b. We are pretty cool. Whoever gave me that advice though,
about being patient with elders, was inspired. It is crazy sometimes being
in a room full of six other 19 and 20 year olds but we are growing together
and getting to know each other and supporting each other, except for when
the elders are making fun of me for laughing so much, they just have to
START making a funny face at me and I start laughing. Or when Sister
Peterson and I have to leave the classroom during personal study time
because Elder Gardner is telling me I sing like a black woman and Elder
Noxon is putting "sister missionary proverbs" on my desk and so we leave.
And then we come back an hour later, having happily studied, and there are
two pens in the ceiling, stuck tip first, and we just LOOK at the elders
and are like "ELDERS!" and then our branch president who has as much
charisma as a man can get and silvery white hair IMPECCABLY in place who
can command the seas to calm (I mean...get the elders to listen) is coming
down the hall and Elder Gardner has to jump as high as he can as fast as he
can and get the pens outta the ceiling, and then giggle at the holes there,
and then B.P.


  1. uhhh, Anne you were logged into my computer? The above comment is from LILY NOT ANNE.

  2. Hi My name is Anne. I like coconut.

  3. HAHAHA! I love it. Will you send Melissa the comments? You should.

  4. Lily posted as me!!! Haha and I do NOT like coconut.

  5. My wife does not make false accusations while under the pretenses of another person... Anne you like coconut!
    ~The real Adam