Monday, April 2, 2012

dingai is "why" in cantonese, i think

hellloooo family.

I loved general conference. I have a terrible memory and forget everything I hear once I hear it, so I took scrupulous notes, causing Sister Chan several times to stare at my swiftly-moving pen in amazement several times....but I can't remember which was my favorite talk or which parts I liked best, my notes are at home. Okay okay, I do remember I liked Elder Koelliker's talk about love and missionary work, and about the two missionaries and the big guy that answered the door and said "Didn't I tell you never to come back here again?" and the big guy watched through the window as the missionaries walked away, fully expecting them just to laugh it off or something, but the more-experienced missionary put his arm 'round the less-experienced missionary to comfort him, and that expression of love and care between them softened his heart, and he felt the love of Christ, and opened the door and called them back. 

We watched sunday general conference at the Gilmores' and George With the Beard (Brother Gilmore) watched the whole thing with us and did not even fall asleep and I made everyone egg burritos and gave them pineapple upside down cake that our ward mission leader sent us home with. It was lovely. 

Sister Chan got most of conference but would have loved to listen to it in Cantonese but the internet wasn't working. Sighh. 

Hahhaa... Anne is emailing me back right now. It's like chatting .bahahaha. 

We saw Our Glorified Hoarder Investigator...she still has a few problems. She wants to be a prophet and wants to know why women don't hold the priesthood. It is hard for her to agree with us but I think she likes Sister Chan a lot and said she could see our point of view better now but still said she disagrees.

Charlene our Recent Convert is doing quite well, she is lovely, has lots of kids in her daycare now, though it's very tiring. Brother Weed from the bishopric is her home teacher and he goes with us to her lessons and the way he teaches works very well for her. Charlene likes her concerns resolved, and attention and care taken to explain, and to understand...and she even gave us a suggestion!!! Use more scriptures as we teach. Hahhahah, I feel ashamed. 

We saw The Woman In the Store and resolved her question about the three kingdoms of glory, which she plain disagreed with. She saw it as condemning, she would NEVER be able to make it to the celestial kingdom, she would never have en seen as a competition. Sister Chan very quickly explained God does not compare us. He knows us and loves us and knows what we are capable of. She mentioned getting to heaven seemed like crossing things off a checklist. I said that following the gospel is just following what has always been taught, through prophets throughout history, ever since Adam. God has already laid out for us what we must do--we just gotta keep his commandments. It's funny cuz I thought she'd take the 3 degrees of glory the other way, that it is ridiculous we believe people who still don't repent still get a degree of glory and she just saw herself as never being good enough to get to heaven. We love her. She was so peaceful and accepting by the end of our visit. 

We had zone conference and Sister Chan and I taught "Finding Joy in our companionship." We wrote a song for it, called "Find the Joy." It's pretty amazing. Sister Beesley recorded it for us that night. Hopefully it'll be on the next CD. Hahaha. The rest of zone conference was very good, we got pizza. Okay, I swear I can remember things OTHER than the food. Our new theme is the good shepherd and so I am gonna try and write a song about following Jesus Christ...our zone leaders and assistants to the pres taught fun little segments n stuff. I love being a missionary, one of the pluses is how we can uplift each other and learn from other missionaries, and see elders stepping up and teaching and being rockstars.

It's about 40 degrees these days. It is break-up time. Some roads are so slushy that if I didn't control the steering wheel, it would bounce back n forth like a ping pong ball as the Jeep struggled to stay straight. Yay for 4-wheel drive. Haha. AND THE PUDDLES. Oh man Sister Chan and I were about to turn right from the frontage road onto the highway. We saw a small SUV coming the opposite direction on the frontage road, not even that fast, through a puddle and the splashes of water on either side of him were taller than the car. "Sister Chan, we are going through that RIGHT NOW." She took a video from inside even though I really wanted her to do it from the outside but she protested, saying she'd get wet. PSSSH. 

Over the mountains, at 6:30 in the morning, are streaks of warm golden glow. I can see the way down the ladder without having to turn the lights on. When it is about 6pm, it looks about 3 pm. Oh maaaan, guys. 

Okay, I would looooove to see rinda. Or christy. Which one? I think since it's a distant cousin and not even related by blood it would be okay, but I can still obviously ask the Beesleys. Keep me posted.

I am scared I might get transfered at the end of this one, pray I will not, I love sister chan....okay I will do whatever the Lord wants. 

LOVE You! Love studying the last week of the Savior's life. You get a sense of his culture at that time, of jerusalem. Soo cool.

Mom signed her email so cool this week but I have no time to go and copy and paste it here, so just prepare, world, NEVER to be satisfied cuz you WILL ALWAYS be wondering what it is. 

Shout out to Maia. I love you, write me a letter.

sister melissa jean

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