Monday, March 26, 2012

it's supposed to be SPRING

Hello familia, hello mommy the antique grooviness, i laughed out loud to hear about your muy expensive lamp, can't wait to see pictures. Hahhahaha. I loved to hear about the monarch butterflies and the birds and all your sketches, mommy. Lily i am happy you bought toys for jessica. Anne I am glad you are now "Aine." And adam I am happy that you like rocks. Daddy do you like the clock? does it chime yet?

I can't believe candace is gonna go through the temple and get sealed. Oh my worrrd I love that girl and am so happy for her!
Sister Chan likes to have music while she gets ready but the cd she usually listens to is in the jeep, which by the way I am a pro at driving, and so I gave her my "book of mormon opera" cd--messiah in america--and she has been listening to that. Yayy. I want to try the Elgar in the car and see if she likes that, mommy, but she says music with no words puts her to sleep. Bahahah.
We had a good week of seeing less actives. We had a goal to see seven and if we met our goal we were gonna go get coldstone ice cream with my gift card that I got months n months ago from a piano student. We got nine!!! One of them was really cool. So, there is this apartment complex. There is a guy named Scott in building A, door number 4. He is less active. We were trying to find a woman named Linda, she is also less active, and her address was listed at the same complex but without a building, just door number 4. So since we already knew Scott was in Building A, we thought we'd try door number 4 at buildings B, C, and D. And use a tracting approach if it wasn't her. All three doors were NOT linda, and none of the people that answered were interested in learning more about the gospel, so as we were walking back to our car Sister Chan said, "Let's go see Scott." He wasn't part of the plan---we plan for every half-hour of our day the night before, who to see, what to do, and with Sister Chan we've been following our daily plan so well and I have a testimony that following what you planned to do the night before actually works and it's so nice to know you ALWAYS have something to do, especially with a backup plan for every single person. WEll scott wasn't part of the plan but he was right there so I said Sure and we went over and knocked and a woman answered the door and we were like, "Is scott home?" and she said, "No, he's out," and we said, "Oh, okay...well what's your name?" And she said "Linda." Oh my word we found her! Turns out she is Scott's mom (different last names). She is such a fun, sweet woman. She let us in--her boyfriend was about to pick her up to go out so she didn't have much time--so we sang her a quick song (Where can i turn for peace, hymn # 129) and she said, "Oh, I really needed that. I work hospice and the woman is dying and peeling myself away from her has been really hard. THank you so much. I needed to come back to earth." We said a prayer with her and she gave us big hugs and she laughs and jokes and is so sweet and we are so happy we met her. Sister Chan told her, "I dunno, I guess the spirit guided us to you," and Linda said, "I don't doubt it!"
We love this one family, the Gilmores. They are less active as well and we really really want them to come back to church. Sister Gilmore is amazing--she is extremely intelligent, works with disabled kids, has a strong testimony. Her husband has never said more than 2 words to us--but last night he totally came out and listened to us--probably because he had to socialize more than usual with us cuz their front door got stuck and he tried for good bit to let us into the house but we just went through the other door but he promised us he'd fix the door, so while we talked to Sis. Gilmore he fixed it, and Sister Chan is so bold she asked him when he came up (to get a bigger hammer) "Why don't you ever come talk with us???" and I asked him if he ever listens to us sing for Sis. Gilmore and he said, "Of course I do, I turn the TV off whenever you sing." Then he asked us to sing his favorite, "I stand all amazed" (hymn #193) and we did, and then their son who we bought a piggy bank for (for a buck hahah...bright pink) so he could put his smokes money into it cuz he wants to quit smoking, he wanted to sing "ye elders of israel" (hymn # the-one-in-the-back), so we did, and his dad sang too!! And we invited them all to watch general conference with us and they all said they would, which is good, cuz we had asked sis. gilmore if we could come watch it at their house and she said sure, so hahhaha we will pound on their doors to get them to come out if we have to. And i will be making everyone egg burritos.
I remember once daddy asked me if that time we got the car stuck in a ditch, that the people in that house didn't come to help us, why not, well they were not home. And daddy yes we borrowed the snow shoes from members, haha, it was very fun. And mom, I get $140 a month allotted to me on a credit card. And we have a gas card so we never have to pay for gas. And we get 1500 miles a month for the car. The allotment is for food and stuff, toothbrushes and hair cuts, shampoo and lotion.
I love you all and I love being a missionary and bringing the gospel to people, even if they don't want to learn more. I love the scriptures. I love Alaska and wearing boots and stepping on ice that is currently sorta melting and having the sun start coming out at about 7 in the morning and going down about 9 at night. I love the moose that we see everywhere. I love the sunsets---they are like southern california sunsets. I love the people here--they are amazing. I miss you all but I can't believe how time has flown! This transfer feels like it just started and we are starting WEEK THREE!!! April is almost here and I remember when March was just starting and Sis Brown and I were freaking out. Oh by the way Sister Brown I promised I'd write you last week but I thought i didn't have your address but I remember now I do. Anyway, I have big plans to write letters today. Somehow, p-days do not have tons of time like they used to and I am hard-pressed to write more than 4 or 5's hard!! 
--sister ashlaugh

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