Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A hilarious one. And sorry- I forgot to put this up until today!

Hello family. And cyber world. And friends. And other random stalkers.

Sooo like, i am glad you got the package :) hee hee. So yeah if you may please just send back the memory card with all the pics on it, i am sure it can just go in an envelope maybe a padded one, that would be wonderful and I would love it. I hope you guys cuddle with the moose blanket and stuff. Hee hee.

Mommy, my favorite is when you used the word "butt" in your email and then signed it, "Love Mom the cusser." She was talking about kicking satan's butt so it's okay.

I'm so glad you saw the Bournes-- I love that family. That's awesome Bro Hawkins' relatives are gonna be working in the mission office....i can't wait to meet them.

How is Bonnie doing in china? And mommy could you take a picture of all your artwork up on the walls of the piano room? I would love to see :)

Tell your friend Tiana I say hello, mommy. She is fun.

So before our investigator's baptism, the day before her interview with the mish pres, she didn't have a testimony of Joseph Smith being a prophet. All we could do was bear testimony that he was, leave her with the pamphlet of his testimony (pictures included, my fave) and I told her that one of the biggest ways to know that Joseph Smith is a prophet is when you feel the Book of Mormon is true. If it is true, then he translated it, and he was a prophet of God. She has said she feels the same reading the Bible and the Book of Mormon, and she has seen how they go together rather than contradict, so that made sense to her. The next day on the phone she was expressing great worry and nervousness for her baptismal interview. We reassured her just minutes before we were to meet her, and then she told us that she read the Joseph Smith pamphlet the night before and was crying and she said, "I know that he was a prophet." That was soo cool to hear. She is awesome.

We were able to get our other investigator, the guy who we caroled to on Christmas Eve, to commit to come to church, and he came yesterday :) He is expecting a sign like an angel or a spotlight pointing to the answer under a rock that this is the true church, so we are still working with him on understanding that for most people, getting an answer is a slow subtle process with gentle whisperings of the Spirit letting you know if something is true. Hee hee. He is so funny. He cracks us up. We had plans to all go ice skating today but he cancelled but hopefully it will still happen. We dropped him off at priesthood at church (the third hour of church men and women meet separately) and he looked at us and was like, "Don't think about me too much," and went in. Sister Brown and I snorted with laughter as we went on our way to relief society (where the women meet). Sooo funny. He is a blast to teach. The first time we gave him something to read, Mosiah 27 about Alma the younger (who saw an angel who told Alma to CHANGE HIS WAYS....haha maybe this is why this guy is expecting some big sign, we've addressed that not EVERYBODY sees an angel) he read the chapter 3 or 4 times and finally understood what it was talking about. Sis Brown said that she has never seen an investigator put that much work into reading when, in this guy's case, he had never read the scriptures before. It was such a testimony-builder that understanding the gospel and knowledge can come from reading the Book of Mormon. This guy told us what was important in Mosiah 27, and he also told us how he himself could relate. To do that without our guidance is amazing.

Um, it is RAINING. It has been so warm lately. Mostly about 30 degrees. A couple of days ago it was about 40 degrees. I think it is disgusting....everything is melting and there's brown stuff everywhere, no more pretty white, someone the other day said it best: "I don't like this in betweener stuff. I either want it to be winter or get to summer already." I thought there would be snow until May...Sister Brown says it could very well get cold again and snow like crazy. Alaska weather is so unpredictable.

I played the organ in sacrament meeting at church was my first time playing organ in front of everybody. I was flippin nervous out of my mind... I think i sweated like two cups of water all over the keys. I thought the organ was so loud until everyone started singing and then I could barely hear the organ and I was like "OH MY GOODNESS SHOULD I ADD MORE STOPS????" And it was just soooo stressful. My word. I got several compliments and felt worthless but apparently everything was okay so I need to get over it.

Alaska is beautiful...sometimes as we're driving we'll slow down so we can take pictures. Sometimes as our instrumental music is going, it'll just fit the landscape exactly, it is wonderful. The big fat ugly ravens wheeling over the dark barren treetops, against a sky that is huge and covered in cloud, with the towering mountains in the is beautiful.

Sister Brown says I have allergies cuz I am all stuffed up and sneezing but I think I have a cold. She says when she gets a cold, she is just stuffy, she doesn't SNEEZE. I say you still sneeze. I say if I have become allergic to animals....and my pea coat is currently covered in the Gilmore's cat's fur...then I would be very sad, and join the Lily and Dad club, and mourn with them. As far as I am concerned, I just have a cold.

Sometimes during weekly planning (we plan once a week for the next ten days, what we are gonna teach, who we are gonna teach, what we will focus on, ideas, blah blah) my brain slowly dies cuz we have been planning for two hours. I literally turn off and sit there quiet and wait for her to say something, wait for all her ideas, and she slowly raises her eyebrows at my lack of input, and suddenly I realized I must explain myself, and she asked me "What can I do to make planning better for you?" And I said "Take breaks?" so we are gonna try that this week. Hahahah. Man sometimes I think i DO have ADD. I just could NOT muster up the energy to keep thinking about planning. I needed a different atmosphere, different something. Is that ADD?

The woman who speaks Spanish who we are teaching is so fun. She has a lesson with us tonight and she is feeding us tomorrow. She teases me endlessly, especially when I idly smack my mouth three or four times, she smacks it right back real loud and then laughs and laughs and laughs. She gets slightly frustrated when she can't understand us and when we can't understand her, but she is awesome.

There are four weeks left of this transfer and then i'll get my greenie breaker (my first companion after my trainer) and that is crazy, I am probably gonna stay here in Palmer/Wasilla, but who knows, it is up to the Lord, and I don't know who my companion will be, and I can't believe I've already been in Alaska for two months.

I love love love my family. I love my friends. I've gotten some amazing letters from friends the past two weeks and I am so grateful and so touched. I know I shouldn't focus too much on writing or reading letters but I love reading my letters cuz they remind me there are people out there that know me and love me and remember me and I feel like everything is normal and okay.

I love the gospel. I love how it brings people together. I love the people i've met through the gospel. I love reading the book of mormon and feeling the Spirit. I love our Savior Jesus Christ. He loves all of his children and cares about us even though he is the supreme creator of the earth and all of the things that are in the earth and we are nothing compared to him. I love trusting in the Lord and seeing blessings come into my life. I love seeing others trust in the Lord and recognize their blessings. I love seeing how much happier we are when we rely on our Savior and the minute we forget or revolt at anything that comes from him, something goes wrong and it is hard to deal with it. I know that our Savior lives and I know that he loves us. 

sister ashsmack

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  1. Annie, you are so awesome running this page so we can read sweet Melissa's missionary letters.
    Uncle Dave