Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Email from Sister Ashbrash (how does she come up with these?)


That's cool about anne's new place and her jewelry job. And haha, I am excited to see what kind of things you can make in  the blender a la VitaMix. 

Congratulations to sweet Gordy making the JV softball team, and Danny getting a new job, through much tribulation, good job Anne being stalwart and bold. 

This week has been good, but here is something sad, the investigator we caroled to on Christmas Eve is pretty much dropping us. He is "confused." He flaked on coming to church two Sundays ago, we had a ride for him and then he said "No no i got one, cancel the other ride" and then he never showed and it was sad cuz I was speaking. And then so Sis Brown and I went n saw him afterwards and gave him a loaf of homemade bread (cuz we make bread with our ward mish leader) and he said "Well the lesson this Wednesday at 4 is a go" and then Tuesday he texted and said he had to reschedule, and we texted him to know when he'd like to do that and he never responded. And then a couple of days later we were leaving Carleen's house after practicing (we sang the next sunday in church) and we got a text from him, he'd seen us at the stop light and he texted that seeing us made him miss us. We asked him if he'd had a chance to look at his schedule if we could come teach him. He texted that he wished we would just be his friends instead of teaching him all the time and we were like "Gahhhhhhhh." So we texted saying we are his friends but what we do is msisionaries is we teach, we work, because it means a lot to us, and he replied, "I feel like I'm wasting you gals' time. Sorry." So it's very sad, and we are gonna give him a little bit of space, see how it all goes down, see if he realizes a difference in his life, we know he would feel the spirit in his lessons cuz one time after a lesson he texted saying that he always feels so happy with our lessons and that he stays happy after we leave and he loves it when we come. 

Sighhhh. And our spanish-speaking investigator hasn't come to church in two Sundays either but she is great, we can tell she is sincere in lessons, we want to put together like a study group up here with other spanish-speaking peeps cuz she expressed it is hard to go to church where everyone speaks English. Man I want a spanish branch up here so bad. She is feeding us tomorrow. Hahah. No actually Sister Brown is cooking. She asked her like five times in spanish if she can cook Italian food and somehow Sister Brown understood and was like" Oh, yeah!" and so she got roped in, they're gonna buy all the stuff and then we (sister brown) will cook it (i said "voy a mirar", I'm gonna watch). 

I was sitting in church yesterday and I realized that I pretty much know almost everybody now and love them all. We've been visiting a less-active young mother whose husband is deployed, cuz her mother-in-law asked us to. This young mother has been to church now twice in a row, she is so sweet, and her lil 7-yr-old daughter loves us, walks across the chapel to us with a big smile to show us her pretty new dress. We went and visited the family of another less active mother, she hasn't been coming since her baby was born (a while ago) and her husband has been coming with the other four kids. The mother and father weren't there, at a hockey game, and the grandmother who we love was babysitting the 4 and 6 year old, and we visited with them. And then yesterday, that mother and her baby showed up with her whole family and came and said, "You sisters tried to come see me! Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry about all the snow on the steps, I never shoveled it off! I came home and saw footprints and was like 'Mom, who came???' " We were like "Don't even worry about it!" And she was so sweet and I was so happy she came, and maybe she came just because we tried to see her, who knows. I love the people here.

Anyway, so our investigators, yeah, we're gonna go tracting a lot this week. I've realized it might be quite necessary so I am ALMOST excited to do it. 

So liiiiike, transfers are coming up, it's pretty crazy, it's week 5 starting today. A transfer is 6 weeks. And then Sister Brown will go home and I will get a new companion. Oh, we got the CDs, an eclectic mix with lots of contributions from various missionaries, I have several songs on there, I will probly send it home and you can make a copy and you should send one to Nick! At first I was like just gonna send it home and not want it back, cuz like a month ago before this CD idea got out, it felt like I was gonna basically be doing the CD, and then luckily it turned into more of an open whoever-wants-to-record thing, cuz we are NOT a production mission, this is supposed to be low-key just something to persuade missionaries to listen to better music...anyway I was like, "I'm not gonna listen to that CD!" but now it's not so bad cuz there's so many other missionaries who put stuff on there. 

I love love love my family. I am so grateful for how you respond to my emails and all the letters and packages I get. Anne, why do you call valentines day "galentines" day? And mother you were NOT supposed to develop every single picture on my memory card and send it to me. My word. So the mish office can't forward packages that were sent UPS, only usps. So i get this call "Um, you have a package and it's from costco." The AP's brought it down a few days later cuz one came to our district meeting and I opened it up and gasped and was like, "MOTHER, NOOOO!!!" cuz there were a billion photos in there. We had fun looking at all of them. My word. 

Thank you for the valentines package :) man I loved everyone's letters and notes. Carissa is adorable. And sarah sent a really cool note in there. Thanks mom for sending doubles of everything, sis brown and I had fun actually making a convo with our convo hearts. oh, and we finally made our mug cakes the other day...we had to buy vanilla. And then...we had to buy milk. It was a long process. 

And mommy thanks for my memory card BACK and the pics of the house and jessica and stuff. I loooooved looking at everything. 

I'm gonna be writing letters home to you all today as well so to be continued. Love you all.

This gospel is so amazing. The restored gospel is such a blessing in our lives. Feeling the spirit through teaching, through music, through reading, through listening. Nothing better. The scriptures are such a gift. I know this gospel is true and I know the scriptures are true. I love being a missionary. Xxoxooxoxox
sister ashbrash

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