Monday, January 23, 2012

Letter to Anne 16 January 2012

Again, I'll be typing this exactly as she wrote it- except for a few things that she says to omit like names, etc. -Anne


How AHHHRE you. Life is good. Fun times up here. Sister Brown & I have been having a blast. We talk in British accents alot. <-- NOT one word, woops. I do know how to spell. I'm sitting on the stage here & elders are shooting baskets & sometimes I nearly die when the ball whizzes past my foot. I tried playing volleyball w/ them earlier but I told them it wouldn't be a good idea and... NO it wasn't. I pretty much spent the entire time flinching. HA. So like, Sis Brown & I went to a thrift store this morning & I bought orange cuordoroy pants & street urchin shoes & a flannel & she bought red suspenders & we are pretty amazing. (Melissa has an uncanny ability to find the ugliest things while shopping and buy them just to make me cringe. Haha. -Anne)

We taught our investigator and it went so much better than last time, he wasn't sitting there w/ a glazed look which was good. More involved. We had a member like last time but this time we had a young girl with us, maybe he felt more at east, since we were all closer in age.

And hopefully tomorrow we will get our other investigator on date for baptism - she was on date when we got here but from teaching her we realized she didn't quite understand everything & it is so important for them to understand so that they know exactly what it means to live this gospel. But at church yesterday she was so happy, so comfortable w/ speaking in class, she is laughing and bright-eyed and that is because she is coming closer to Christ and feeling the influence of the Holy Ghost in her life.

The biggest challenges have been getting through the times of disconnect with my companion, they come like once a week and we always grow closer to each other after talking through it & sharing personal stories about each other so we can know where we are coming from. The work, you see, is enjoyable. But has its challenges too. Like meeting a potential & having a lesson set up for Saturday at 6 and then he wasn't home. But I think the biggest challenges for me are APPROACHES, like how to initiate a conversation about the gospel, which you do during, for example, tracting - door to door. Which we haven't done a whole lot. At Christmas it was easier - "can we carol to you & share a message about the birth of Jesus Christ?" - so much easier. Anyway this week, we have big plans to go tracting, so hopefully I'll get some practice. We need to FIND people! We need to plant some seeds ourselves. And we are confident we will see miracles.

So like, it is so much fun being a missionary. Hope you are being able to do some missionary work yourself. Just keep it simple, the basics, but don't hesitate to tell people how it's blessed your life. The church, the Book of Mormon, prayer, anything. Just bearing your testimony by sharing your own experience is so cool. Our investigator was sitting there telling us he sees similarities in his life & Alma the Younger's (a prophet in the Book of Mormon) life and how he's interested in reading more in the Book of Mormon to see other "examples" and I was sitting there thinking, what stories in the Book of Mormon can I personally relate to? AAHH I can't think of any! It's so important to have a personal relationship with everything you're teaching. You know?

Oh good the elder just showed me his progress on the piano, he played some "I Need Thee Every Hour" & I taught him how to keep his heel on the floor while working the pedal.

Bought some frozen quezadillas today at the store. Wonder what they'll be like. Hah.

<3 Sister Pemz

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