Monday, January 9, 2012

Email to Dad

I thought I'd add my dad's email to her so her responses make more sense. Here's his:

Hello Sister Ashbrook,
Mom sent you a box with your 5-divider journal, some CDs and other stuff. Also, we got your box from the MTC (including your journal), but I was wondering - did you receive our box with the OCMCO Messiah in America CD?
I am working on cleaning the garage. I've built some new shelves to replace the little ones above the water barrels. I intend to build a second shelf unit above the workbench similar to the one already there, but instead of drawers on the bottom I am going to have glass jars that screw into the lids that are attached to bottom.
We all thought your experience with the car in the ditch was hilarious. It was so nice of the Elders to come to your aid so that it could be recorded properly with plenty of pictures. I am glad no one was hurt. If you are going to have a car mishap, yours sounds like it was done properly.
Your experience with the potential's wife who talked with you for two hours only to reject you on your next visit sounds typical. As a representative of Christ your job is to let people feel the Spirit, and if they are receptive to teach them the word of God. They may not convert immediately (do we want someone as fickle at that?), but need to realize that whenever you come over they feel "different" because you bring the Spirit with you.
Your experience at the Musk Ox farm sounds very interesting. Is it a Welfare farm? Or, a members farm? Or, an investigator's farm? I can see why you would be frightened of them - they look huge. Are the adult Musk Oxen scared of the "stance", or just the younger ones?
That's nice you can share your musical gift to help make a practice CD. I always appreciate it when I receive a practice CD for Stake Choir and thank those involved in creating it.
I am glad you are enjoying your mission and the people you are with. I love hearing about your experiences.
Take care.

I will answer your questions. You may let Anne put this on the blog.
Musk ox farm-- is a non profit organization, apparently their wool is one of the warmest in the world, the wool is harvested from them once a year and they get about two big trashbags full from each adult and send this wool to the natives who do stuff with it and stuff. I did not go NEAR the adults. I was around the calves born this year and the yearlings. They ranged in size from Uncle Davey's lil goats to about the size of A LION AND THEY LOOK LIKE LIONS AHHHH. 
 Thanks for your words about the lady who listened to us for 2 hours and then rejected us, yeah hopefully one day she will be contacted by missionaries again and she will remember us. In fact in a few weeks we wanna go over there with cookies and let her know we're thinking of her and still love her.
I have pics of the car in the ditch as well, soon I will send home my memory card and it will have lots of pics from the MTC until now. Hahhaha.
That sounds cool about the garage, one day I will see it and will drool over its beautifulness.
THANK YOU MAMA FOR SENDING STUFF TO MEEEEEE. I can send home some money if you want. YAY FOR THE STUFF WITH THE JOURNAL THAT ARRIVED. Good lil sister romero at the MTC.
I have Messiah in America!!! It is lovely. I can't wait to listen to all of it. We tried listening to it in the car but I am not sure Sister Brown loooved the parts with the soloists. Plus it is hard to listen to in the car as it gets all quiet and if it's not turned up SUPER loud we can't even hear it :( and then it does get all loud, and we have to turn it down, and we were trying to find this house, and I had this map all in my lap and we had to concentrate, and then John Huntington's voice would come booming out and it would be lovely, and really I just want to lay on my bed and really LISTEN to it, not have it be background. Sister Beesley said maybe on a P-day I can just lay on my bed and listen to all of it and relax and then she said she wants to borrow it hee hee.
I recorded three songs already for the CD just with garage band, a couple of elders worked it for me, this was at the mission home, soon we are gonna figure out where and when to record some more.
LOVE YOU DADDY! Hope you are not being a workaholic. How is OCMCO now? I love and miss you!!
Sister Ashbrook

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