Monday, May 27, 2013

a sunny week in the southeast

Hey guys. We were at the mission home last name talkin with da Beesleys and they told us to come here to do emails tomorrow morning so that's what we're doing and so we get to email today and not have to wait til tomorrow when the library is open! Yay.

So we've had an eventful week. As you read last Monday, we had arrived in Juneau, and the sisters there entertained us all p-day. They took us to where the church has a plaque-thing on a woodsy hillside that talks about the four missionaries who offered a dedicatory prayer for the land of Alaska to have missionary work there, we took pictures by it, and then we walked around downtown and there are cruise ships in and trousits were EVERYWHERE. Downtown juneau is a lot of squished cramped one way streets. With all the tourists and the touristy attractions it looked like a cross between san francisco and disneyland. Hahha.

Oh I like don't have much time. Kay I'll skip telling all the tiny details.

The sisters in Juneau are doing really well, we were able to get along with them really well and see how they were doing and see some of the people they were working with, and then we flew to Sitka, and it was oh so beautiful. Sitka is a town of about 9,000 and there is a mcdonalds and everything. It's right on the water and it was wonderful. It was great to see Sister Claspell again. We gave them lots of good ideas about how to keep busy in a small town, mostly just to walk around more.

We came back Friday night and President Beesley picked us up. Saturday we weekly planned and then taught a few lessons, invited some people big time to come to church, one of our investigators finally came whose son was baptized a month ago and sitll hasn't gotten confirmed and so HE FINALLY GOT CONFIRMED!!! Also confimed that day was a mrried couple who the elders in the ward have been teaching but I tuaght them once and they love us, and after our ward we went to the Airport Heights ward and saw our 17-year-old recently baptized young woman get confirmed, so Sunday was a lovely day.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Sister Ashbrook

ps. Charlie sounds adorable!!! I'm so excited for Chuck to have a lil son to play cars with now.

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