Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Card Sent to Mom & Dad

Melissa sent a Christmas card home to Mom & Dad with a picture of some kind of animal (Mom, can you remind me?) and this is what she wrote inside.

Dearest Parentals,
It 's CLEARLY time to send Christmas cards. I bought these at the Michaels in Anchorage when I was at transfers. This is the first Christmas card I'm sending out. Hey yeah so sorry I didn't get my weekly email out. You can ask Anne to type all this into the blog. You can promise her blessings. That's what we do as missionaries. The computer at the church doesn't work so we were at our branch mission leader's house and I read all my emails but then we had to take our car in to get studded tires on (even though the snow's all gone cuz it warmed up to 40 F and we had rain) and we were gonna finish our emails at the Hayes' house, maybe, that was one plan, cuz she was gonna take our peektures cuz she's a photographer, but our CAR took SO LONG and we were waiting at another member's house close to the car place, writing letters, while she made us awesome quesadillas, and then it was 3 pm and it was way foggy and it's Alaska so that means we ran outta light, so no peektures, so no email. So we went to the Library where they only allow you 30 min but that's all we needed but two squirrely teenage boys were on the only two computers (just kidding, they are precious sons of God), and we decided we'd just write handwritten letters home. Cuz we don't get irritated, cuz we have patience, cuz we're missionaries.
But I just love you. This week was good. We met with Puerto Rican Mommy and Puerto Rican Daddy. It was a good lesson; we taught the Atonement. Puerto Rican Mommy thinks that even if the Atonement wipes away our sins like wiping away a stain, it won't really wipe it all the way away. I so want her to be baptized so she can feel as clean as she was the day she was born. We talk about baptism like, every lesson, but she hasn't committed yet.
Okay, so La Mujer de Calisco has a daughter, she works at the hospital and the grocery store, and I will call her La Mujer's Daughter. La Mujer's Daughter has a daughter, I will call her Mexican Mommy - she actually has the same first name as Puerto Rican Mommy (in real life). Mexican Mommy has four kids and two of them were invited to church by some kids in the branch. One of them, I will call him Mr. 10 Years Old, has been learning about and reading stories from the B of M for two years with two of the boys in the branch, and I guess he really liked church and wants to get baptized and so that is cool. So, the mother of this fam who brought him to church called us and said she'd never really taken Mr. 10 Years Old seriously before but now she feels we should do something about this and we gladly agreed and are excited to start teaching this boy and HOPEFULLY we'll have a baptism soon. Mexican Mommy is very nice, Sister Pete and I actually OYM'd her (street contacted her) one day, and La Mujer de Calisco we OYM'd on a separate occasion and helped her carry her groceries to her house, and that family likes us, so hopefully they will let us teach Mr. 10 Years Old.
Well, I love you all.
Sister Ashbrook

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