Monday, October 29, 2012

i swear i'm in a good mood

Hi I don't have much time. Sorry. This week has been a whole lot of service and stuff. Hahah.

branch pres grinding moose meat
me and new comp on a dock thing off Nordic Drive, a lil boy from a member's family took the pic, we were about to go eat dinner with them
 same dock, facing different direction so the sun's behind us

beautifiul petersburg

I was gonna send more but her camera died (my camera has dead batteries and the small memory card that came with it is full...i needa buy a new camera, or get a nikon memory card, i'd rather have a new camera, newer with a bigger screen on the back, still feel bad i broke the camera the budingers gave me...) card guy moved to ketchikan for work...

our members went outta town and we babysat their dog Yukon...he's a yellow lab and he's hilarious

we sang a lot

we had stake conference

we had an earthquake which we didn't feel (i rarely feel earthquakes) but there was a tsunami warning for neighboring islands...

we taught the feisty old lady who's been taught for 2 years, she is stubborn and doesn't wanna change

the puerto ricans did NOT come to stake conference, don't know how to motivate mommy puerto rico now

does anyone have any ideas for object lessons? i have used the pepper in water and dish soap one, I have used the bleach and food coloring one, i even know a scarf/yarn thing you use for prayer (can't tie a know without lifting your fingers off unless you fold your arms first...hard to explain)

happy birthday jess soon, right?

we taught la mujer de caliso, our brnach mission leader bought her el libro de mormon on cd

sorry that i have not capitalized anything, i don't feel like it, i swear i'm in a good mood but when I have no time to write an email i have no imagination or motivation to capitalize

must go love you bye church is true

love sister ashbrook

ps. mom i got a phone call from the missio nsecretary who said you called and said your surgery went well and it made me get teary-eyed and then SISTER HATFIELD got teary-eyed and it was lovely thank you so much. thank you for always being there, for the times you have loved me and not even said words, just rubbed my back and loved me. i love you so very much

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