Sunday, September 9, 2012


UMMM, so we got permission to email a short bit early this week, cuz tomorrow we are taking a morning ferry to a lil town called KAKE....pronounced CAKE....which is a native village on another island. On a big general map, Kake looks like it's on the other end of the same island that Petersburg is on, but they are two separate islands separated by a river or something.

There is an active member couple, the Hunters, who live there, they call into church every Sunday. They and a member family who has a house there and visits sometimes will be meetin us and everything. We will be staying in a house that they are remodeling for a bishop in Heber City, UT. Bro. Hunter has a couple of friends who have agreed to take lessons with us, and there are several less actives there that everyone here loves and wants to always come to church, they are native and unfortunately there is a trend in the native people not to stay committed. We'll only be there till late Tuesday night when we'll get on the ferry to come back, it'll be a short trip to see what potential there is in Kake before moose season starts, so we can know if it's worth it to go back after moose season (which ends on October 15th).

We're really excited to go!!!!!!! The ferry takes five hours to get there each way---hahha---this is a SHORT ferry trip---we'll have our car. We're excited to go work hard and serve the Lord in Kake and love the people there.

Our p-day this week will be Wednesday, you'll hear from me then.

Don't worry, when we pull into the ferry station at 1 A.M. back in Petersburg, our branch Mission leader, the classy President Bringhurst, will meet us there and make sure we're safe driving back home.

Sister Ashbrook

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