Monday, August 27, 2012


Well. I am sending some pictures. I forgot to commentate them. So, um, I sent you a few pictures of me in the some of the new clothes you sent, I sent you a couple of awkward senior photos that I took of myself, vainly, in the bathroom this morning, and I took a picture of myself getting ready this morning....

Okay i took a lil effort, okay the first picture is of a beautiful sunset. The second is my new sunglasses from Lily.

Third, a common thing to see in the trailer parks. I think it's so the near-constant rain doesn't sit up there on top.

Fourth and fifth, random pretty views, especially the weird fog.

Sixth, same sunset.

Seventh, a bear trap near Sister Hertless's house.

Eighth, the cabin, with sister petersen.

Ninth, all ready for the day! Observe my new watch

Tenth, moving back into the cabin. EXHAUSTED.

Eleventh, walkin around town! We read in the white handbook later we're not supposed to take pictures while proselyting. Whoops.

Twelfth, my sweater from home yay!

Thirteenth, stopped by to see somebody, this shot was taken off the bluff over their view (they weren't home).

The last two are my new senior photos.

My week: it was pretty good. We stopped by Miss Walking into Town and helped her do her dishes, it was fun, it helped us get to know each other. She sent us home with snickerdoodle cookies...we haven't been able to teach her but we hopefully will soon.

And we haven't seen La Mujer de Calisto but we NEED TO and we are planning to stop by tomorrow evening.

We met a few guys from Sudan! They are Christian, and they came from Virginia. The government brought them over and they worked for their citizenship. Now they are working the summer at the fishery here. They are really cool, we've seen them twice now, when we walk around Main Street (which we usually do every night at 8). First time, I was gettin outta the ol Mailbu and saw Mister Tall African Man across the street, he waved and flashed white teeth at us. I waved back. He sorta slowed his walk. I wasn't sure if we knew him. Heck, anyone who waves at us we needa talk to. So we went n talked to him, soon we met two other men from Africa, they are super cool, took some Book of Mormons, let us read a few verses to them which they really liked. Their English is pretty good.

We had a lesson with this older woman, who I will call the Spunky Woman, she's older and has been taking lessons for a long time hahah. She doesn't quite see how it all connects, the restored gospel...and Christ...we need a timeline. The member we brought with us bore powerful testimony however and the Spunky Woman said, "You know the more I listen to you gals the more I can just believe it's true."
Another thing she said, "Well, I just don't know about this Joseph Smith character. I mean, I know he's a prophet."
'How do you know he's a prophet?"
'Well, it says it RIGHT HERE," she said, pointing to hte intro of the book of mormon. Hahha.

We visit an elderly woman who's a member, she has pneumonia and she is probably close to dying. We are gonna visit her every day from now on. Every time we leave we say, "We love you!" and she says, "And I love you!" She's been put into critical care and seeing her all hooked up to stuff is really hard.

By the way, transfer calls came, we're both staying here!!! and we'll be in the cabin til the 19th and then we'll move into a separate apartment abov the branch presdient's garage.

-Sister ashbrook


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