Monday, May 7, 2012

Email from May 7 - "NO TIME!!!"

(Sorry- I forgot to post this one!!! - Anne)

I love all of you. I had so many emails I have no time to write anything. I'll try and write a letter home. the worst news is that the Woman  In The Store dropped us and I haven't had the guts to respond to her text yet. The other news is that the Guy Who Dropped Us Who We Hiked The Mountain With admitted to us he's an alcoholic. I feel like I have had some experiences with alcoholic-ness and hopefully will, with the Lord and my wonderful comp whom I love, help him.
BUT: this Sunday, mother's day, I can skype home, 3:30 my time and 4:30 your time. If there is a better time, write me a letter quick and let me know. Also, will you please let me know who I should skype? I dunno how to use skype and I needa call somebody, right? If you are not able to let me know, I know Trey goes by Treytor on Skype and I will skype him bahaha and see if he can find out from you guys how to call you. LOVE YOU!!!

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